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IMDB: 6.9

2005, 7 seasons to date

Crime / Drama / Mystery


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Allison Dubois works in the Phoenix District Attorney's office. She uses her psychic abilities to help crack criminal cases. Her dreams often give her clues to the whereabouts of missing people, and by touching someone she often gets to see beneath the facade into the person's soul. Allison juggles this stressful job with her role as wife and mother of three children, including a daughter who seems to be developing similar powers.

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Season 1

  • A Couple of Choices

    Allison is partnered with Detective Lee Scanlon on a case involving the strange murders of newlywed couples. Joe tries to plan a surprise party for Allison.

    A Couple of Choices
  • Night of the Wolf

    Allison dreams of herself walking in an airport wearing a red hooded cape and being chased by a wolf. While working on case files at the DA's office, Allison overhears a crime victim describe the man who killed her boyfriend to a sketch artist. As the woman speaks however, Allison realizes she 's scared and giving a fictitious description. Allison gets the sketch artist to draw a picture of the real assailant and confronts the woman about what needs to do. The meaning of her dream becomes obvious to her. At home meanwhile, Joe and Allison are concerned when ...

    Night of the Wolf
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Season 2

  • Time Out of Mind

    Allison has dreams of a woman in a psychiatric facility who is claiming to be her.

    Time Out of Mind
  • Light Sleeper

    Allison's sleepwalking puts her physically at risk, and her dreams put the family financially at risk. Meanwhile, there's a missing boy to find and a kidnapper to catch.

    Light Sleeper
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Season 3

  • Be Kind, Rewind

    Allison keeps having the same dream, or is it day, and the clues she gets may help her prevent a tragedy.

    Be Kind, Rewind
  • Blood Relation

    Dr. Walker returns, and Allison's attempts to save a young girl may endanger her life.

    Blood Relation
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Season 4

  • To Have and to Hold

    Joe's job interview takes a strange turn when he and Allison are asked to meet the boss' wife, but then Allison's dreams cause her to get involved in the disappearance of the couple's daughter and Joe's future is once again at risk.

    To Have and to Hold
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?

    Allison completely loses her hearing after a wealthy young deaf girl is kidnapped, so Joe steps in to assist her and investigator Cynthia Keener.

    Do You Hear What I Hear?
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Season 5

  • A Person of Interest

    Allison begins acting compulsively after dreaming about the murder of a judge years before.

    A Person of Interest
  • ...About Last Night

    Allison has a serious memory lapse and can't account for her absence. One moment she's in the grocery store parking lot talking to Ariel on her cellphone and the next - six hours later - she wakes up under a freeway overpass. She is soon dreaming about a hit and run victim and fears that she may have been the driver of the car. Her undamaged car is recovered minus her purse which she eventually retrieves from a dumpster. The purse however contains a human hand in a plastic bag. Ariel has reached a certain age - where she can get her learner's permit and start driving....

    ...About Last Night
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Season 6

  • Pain Killer

    A cancer-stricken friend of Allison's dies suddenly, leading her to suspect the woman's illness did not kill her and that a hospital staffer is to blame. And, Joe takes cues from a story Bridgette wrote when it eerily echoes his latest job interview.

    Pain Killer
  • The Medium Is the Message

    Allison begins to dream of a serial killer who has not struck in 11 years and is believed by the author of a best-selling book on the murders to have confessed on his death bed. When murders with the same cryptic symbols on the victims bodies begin to appear, it seems the killer may have returned. With the help of Neil Greybridge, someone from her physical therapy classes who was brutally attacked by a mugger, Allison begins the process of tracking him down. Joe meanwhile starts his new job but is surprised that he has nothing to do and that his boss doesn't intend to...

    The Medium Is the Message
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Season 7

  • Means and Ends

    Scanlon is haunted by dreams of his late brother, leaving Allison concerned about her colleague. Also, while making her final preparations for college, Ariel has visions of missing young women, past and present.

    Means and Ends
  • How to Kill a Good Guy

    While investigating a missing girl's murder, Allison experiences more friction with Scanlon after finding a possible link to his late brother. Also, Ariel deals with her siblings' reactions to her leaving for college.

    How to Kill a Good Guy
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